All-Terrain Tyres

At Eastbourne Tyre Company we supply and fit all-terrain tyres at our workshop on Fort Road, Seaside in Eastbourne.

Why use all-terrain tyres?

The purpose of all-terrain tyres is to accommodate both on- and off-road driving. They are useful for on-road driving since they offer a respectable amount of traction in both wet and dry weather, but they are truly exceptional off-road. With these tyres fitted, you’ll discover that you can easily handle more difficult off-road terrain, which certainly makes them worth considering.

Pros and Cons of All-Terrain Tyres

There are definite benefits to using all-terrain tyres when you’re driving off-road:

  • The surface, sides and build of the tyres are far sturdier than standard tyres which means that they are much less likely to get damaged on rough or rocky tracks.
  • The tread is much deeper on all-terrain tyres and the grooves are poles apart from those on standard tyres so they provide vital additional traction on wet, muddy or slippery surfaces. It also gives the option of towing heavy loads on surfaces that might be very smooth or slippy.

The downsides of all-terrain tyres are mostly felt when using them on standard road surfaces when they can present a slightly compromised drive:

  • You may experience a less comfortable ride
  • Road noise may increase
  • They won’t be the most fuel-efficient option

It can be a tough call to make so if you’re unsure about all-terrain tyres, give our team a call on 01323 720222 and pick our brains – we’ll be happy to help.

A well-reputed, family-run garage serving Eastbourne and East Sussex, Eastbourne Tyre Company deliver professional work and unbeatable customer service.

To find out more about All-Terrain Tyres in Eastbourne, contact us online or call us directly on 01323 720222

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