Extra Load Tyres

Extra load tyres, sometimes referred to as reinforced tyres or XL tyres, are made especially for heavy-duty vehicles including vans, people carriers, and light commercial vehicles. They have improved load capacities.

It is obvious that different types of vehicles require different kinds of tyres. For example, a small, urban car such as a Mini will have relatively small tyres. On the contrary, the tyres on a tradesman’s van must withstand not just the weight of the van but also all of the tools and machinery it carries.

What are the advantages of extra load tyres?

There are several:

  • They last longer – as long as you keep to the recommended tyre pressure, extra-load tyres will travel much further than standard tyres.
  • Increased stability and grip – reinforced tyres are more rigid than standard ones so they are more stable and provide better traction. Having improved handling capabilities is especially important for large, heavy vehicles in wet or icy weather.
  • They’re sturdy – extra load tyres have a strengthened internal structure which means there’s less chance of them being damaged by potholes or by knocking against the kerb.

Our team at Eastbourne Tyre Company have been supplying and fitting reinforced and extra load tyres in Seaside, Eastbourne, for a long time and will be happy to share our expertise with you if you have any questions or queries.

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